Broad Proficiencies

  • Project/product management (for mobile apps, websites, and games)
  • Game development (familiar with technologies, dev cycle, disciplines, etc.)
  • Interactive marketing (content, communities, social media, etc.)
  • Digital strategy (online distribution, customer acquisition, engagement)
  • Writing/editing (formal reports, efficient email, excellent grammar)
  • Research/analysis (product, market, vendor, trend, and industry)
  • Creative direction (born from deep knowledge of cutting-edge art/design)
  • Client/stakeholder interaction (experienced presenter, negotiator, etc.)

Technical Skills

  • UX design (especially for mobile apps and web)
  • Web design (HTML/CSS on a moderate level)
  • Graphic design (basic 2D image creation and editing)
  • Sound mixing/editing/mastering (advanced)
  • Video editing/encoding (basic familiarity)
  • Game editor implementation (scripting and visual)
  • Content management (in CMS or database)
  • Research design (online surveys, interview flow)

Software Expertise

  • Project management tools (Basecamp, JIRA, Asana, Trello, MS Project, etc.)
  • Adobe CC (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • OmniGraffle (for wireframing and prototyping)
  • WordPress (content management, theme customization, etc.)
  • Drupal (site administration and development oversight)
  • PHPMySQL (editing data and tables)
  • JSON, XML (basic editing and modification)
  • SVN, FTP, Amazon S3 (version control, file management, etc.)
  • Excel (light database, bookkeeping, stats, graphs)
  • Word, Google Docs (advanced formatting, track changes, collaboration)
  • Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS (multi-platform power user)
  • Audio tools (ProTools, Cubase, Sound Forge, soft synths, FX plug-ins)
  • Google Analytics (reports and traffic analysis)
  • Quickbooks (small business bookkeeping, payroll, reports, etc.)