Marketing & Events

AMODA Events

Between 2002 and 2012, I organized over 50 events for the Austin Museum of Digital Art. These shows were held at various locations in Austin, featured hundreds of musicians and artists from around the world, and were attended by thousands of people. I set the initial vision behind the Digital Showcase Series and made strategic adjustments over time to ensure continued success. I also oversaw a team of volunteers responsible for artist relations, equipment rental, front door logistics, audio/visual setup and operation, lighting, stage management, and teardown. The photos below (taken by Craig Washburn) document the results. More photos can be found here.

AMODA Marketing

In addition to planning events with the Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA), I also oversaw the organization’s marketing and PR efforts for many years. This involved high-level strategic decisions, like where to deploy our limited resources, the ideal message to reach our audience, and how to create a strong brand for the events / organization. I also wrote press releases, promoted events on social media, communicated with journalists, and cultivated our email list. One big component of AMODA marketing is the flyers that promote each event. I provided input on the designer selection, visual design, and content for each flyer. A small sampling of the results can be seen below.

ATX Mobile & Indie Game Dev

In early 2013, I founded a meetup group focused on game development at independent studios and/or for new platforms (mobile, HTML5, wearables, microconsoles). The events feature talks by industry professionals and hobbyist developers with useful lessons in areas like engineering, marketing, game design, project management, fundraising, art, and audio production. I’m responsible for securing the space, booking speakers, lining up sponsors, promoting the events, and making strategic adjustments over time to maintain community engagement. The events are held monthly at Capital Factory, a startup space in downtown Austin. The group has now grown to over 750 members and our events are often at capacity. Below are some images from these events.

Various Companies

Much of my work experience relates to marketing. At EnviroMedia, I provided both strategic and tactical guidance to clients and internal teams on the digital elements of various ad campaigns. At Enspire, I helped brainstorm and implement ideas for making online courses more engaging for users. At Ricochet Labs, I researched and documented marketing issues for the founders, created print and web marketing collateral, and participated in strategic discussions about product direction. Also, I regularly help my wife with content strategy, analytics, SEO, social media, branding, email list maintenance, and WordPress implementation issues for her long-running design blog, Mirror80.

Digital Media MBA

I also extenstively studied marketing as part of earning my MBA in Digital Media Management at St.¬†Edward’s University. In our many marketing classes, we covered marketing strategy, branding, quantitative data gathering, qualititative research, and much more. We also completed a number of major group projects related to marketing, and my Capstone was focused on providing B2B marketing recommendations to Bazaarvoice to maximize upsell performance. You can find a sampling of my coursework in the MBA Projects section of my portfolio.