Professional Development

Professional Development

Prof Development



I often attend industry events to learn new information, gain fresh perspectives, meet other folks in my field, and get inspired. Over the past several years, I’ve attended many events related to startups, product management, and game development. Below is a sampling of the events I’ve attended:



I also regularly peruse a range of publications on the topics of mobile devices, technology, games, and startups. These blogs keep me informed about the latest developments in the industry. Below are some of the sites with prominent spots in my RSS reader:



Podcasts are another way that I stay informed about the tech, media, and digital advertising industries. Through these programs, I learn new information and hear insightful analysis of news stories on a daily basis. Below are a few of my favorite tech-related shows:


Books & Classes

I’ve also read a number of books about technology, business, and startup issues. Most of these were consumed as audiobooks, since that’s easier to fit into my busy schedule. Below are my favorite business books (and one online class that I highly recommend):